5 Things from my Kitchen

Our kitchen is nothing spectacular.  It’s small and has awkward cabinets and is pretty dated.

But I love it so stinkin much.  I don’t know why, but I am so happy in my kitchen.  I love all of my cookware and utensils, and all of the pretty glassware and pretty serving gifts.  It’s girly and cute and I love it.  And as my mother’s daughter, I keep clean and organized.  That might be one of the top reasons why I love it.  Because it’s perfectly appropriate to be obsessively clean in the kitchen, hello, food is prepared there, it should be spic and span.  But if I obsessively clean the rest of the apartment… that’s a little overkill.

My best friends in college somehow had all of their kitchen wares, and it wasn’t until I graduated that I realized I had virtually nothing for a kitchen of my own.  How that happened, I have no clue.  Thanks to generous friends and family members, our kitchen was completely furnished by wedding gifts.  New, pretty, practical stuff.  Seriously, so exciting for this girl.  So I give you, my five favorite kitchen things that I don’t think I could do without or that I just wouldn’t want to live without.  You’re welcome for the links 🙂

1.  Unitool GreyJoseph Joseph Uni-Tool.  I love this powerful little guy, so utilitarian.   Five tools in one: a spatula, scraper, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and cutting edge.  What’s not to love?  I use this with almost every meal that I make.  I am fairly certain that it can do anything.

2.  Misto Oil Mister.  If you’re like me and have awesome/fancy new pots and pans, you will have read every page of the owners manual and found out that you’re not supposed to use chemical sprays on your precious new pans.  So there’s Misto.  You fill with your own olive oil, pump the top a few times, and boom, pressurized olive oil with no chemical additives.  I also spray this on my popcorn because I am a heavy-handed pourer and Joe hates oil-drenched popcorn.  Can’t say I blame him.

3.  Crate and Barrel Parker Mixing Bowls.  These are pretty and functional, what’s not to love?  They save space by nesting, and they serve a dual function of mixing for food prep, and they’re pretty enough to use as serving bowls.  They add a punch of color to your kitchen countertops or to your dinner table.  And they’re heavy duty.

4.  Oxo Pop Containers.  I literally put all of my dry pantry goods in these containers.  I love that they organize and I can see how much I have of everything and when I’m running low.  I also love that they keep things fresh for a long time.  I’m talking cereal that doesn’t taste stale after being open for over a month.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

5.  Zwiling JA Henckels Twin Gourmet 15-Piece Knife Block Set.  That’s really specific, but the best kind is with the two tribal men, not just the one.  I’m in laser cut stainless steel heaven.  It’s a good day when you can cut through anything with barely any force.  Good knives make a difference, and they’re an investment, so treat them nice.  I am convinced that I could not live without my paring knife.  I love that little guy.  But be warned – these are sharp, use care when cleaning (I’ve been wounded before, nothing major, but be careful).


One thought on “5 Things from my Kitchen

  1. I’m going to get some of the Oxo containers. And maybe some new knives? After I pay for the new couch I had to get since you have mine and the new TV because John has ours…..sigh……Love you!!

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