(lions and tigers and) Bears, oh my!

Joe and I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail on Thursday afternoon and saw a bear.

Holy cow.  I was seriously scared.  I have no survival skills, except the desire to survive.  I can’t start a fire (I can’t even use a cigarette lighter), I can’t change a tire, and I have no idea what to do when you see a bear in the wild.  My instinct was panic.  Joe called the park rangers, but we didn’t have a GPS device on us and soon realized they were useless without knowing where we were.  Luckily, some hikers came across us and assured me that the bear was harmless and just a curious little black bear, and was probably more frightened of us than I was by the bear.  Fat chance, I was scared.  We made it out of the woods alive, and have retreated to the safety of our apartment for the rest of the weekend.

Aside from bears, classes started this past week at UVA.  I am still undecided on how I feel about Charlottesville.  It’s pretty and everyone says great things about it.  But it’s missing my friends, family, and community for us here, so it’s hard to feel at home.  I think people always say that your four years (or however many years) at college are the best ones not because of the partying or lack of responsibility (both of which are nice) but that you are living with at least half of the people you care about most.  Living with my best friends made Wofford feel like home to me.  And even though I’m married now and get to live with Joe, which is exciting and wonderful and challenging all at the same time, I miss living with girls.  Plain and simple.  I miss watching Boy Meets World in the mornings, I miss being silly, I miss painting nails with people.  I miss the community of living with my best friends.  That’s the hardest part about being in Charlottesville.  That, and living 5 hours from my family.  I’m a homebody and I miss my dog.  And that makes Charlottesville hard to love right now.

Don’t worry people.  I’m working on it.  I will find my place here.  I will love it eventually.  And I will also post pictures of the apartment… (eventually).


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