Joe’s Night

Sunday nights are officially Joe’s night to cook dinner.

Because of this luxury, I am curled up on the couch, anxiously awaiting the feast that my husband is preparing (trying not to get too excited, it involves hotdogs… baby steps).  These words just came out of his mouth:  “if I see a lot of bubbles, is that boiling?”  Bless his heart.  I love these new little house rules/traditions that we are starting.  It’s kind of fun, and we are trying new stuff all of the time.  We are trying out our new budgets for the first time, thanks to the help of – we have only been using this for a couple of days, but we are super excited about it and it was recommended by my finance professor at Wofford.  So try it if you like budgets and being organized and being able to see where your money is going and what it can be doing for you.  (Like Dave Ramsey says – we should make our money be working for us, not the other way around.  Be smart, be informed!)

And on an unrelated note, I have five TA meetings over the next three days.  No, that is not an exaggeration.  I am TAing for biochemistry, or CHEM 4411.  That’s right, an upper level chemistry course, and I haven’t taken chemistry in over a year.  Great fun.  But UVA is preparing us really well for this, and I spent half of last week in training sessions with TA’s from all other departments learning how to engage students, project my voice, and how to diffuse uncomfortable situations.  So lots of meetings and training sessions to be had, and oh by the way, classes start on Tuesday and there is still a course that I can’t register for (too many hours).

I am excited for Joe and I to be here in Charlottesville, and we like it a lot so far, but this is the part in the semester where I feel overwhelmed already.  I always feel that way when I look over a syllabus and I can’t believe how much there is to get done in a semester.  And then at some point towards the end of the semester, I look back and realize that I made it through everything unscathed.  I know I can do this.  That’s sort of my mantra.  I’ve never been one to doubt my own capabilities, I was raised by two wonderful parents who always told me I could be anything I wanted, and I believed them when I was five and I still believe them now.  I have the strength and power to do this, but it doesn’t come from me.  It comes from God, who offers me peace in times of stress like this.  It comes from a faith in something much bigger than me, and from grace that covers all of my imperfections.  That’s what keeps me going.

That, and a wonderful husband who just declared that dinner is served.  And my family.  And my friends.  And my dog.

So the answer is yes:  yes, I would love to take the course in membrane proteins at the medical school.


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