One Year Reflections

One year ago from today, I landed in CPH airport and went through all of the lines and paperwork that DIS arranged for us.

My host dad, Hans Henrik, picked me up from the airport and drove me back to their house where Brigitte and Caroline were waiting with lunch.  We ate on the porch, and I was overwhelmed at how perfect the weather was.  The temperature was seriously just right, and there was zero humidity, an incredible novelty to someone who spent their summer in Athens, Georgia.  After lunch, Caroline, Brigitte and I took the train into Copenhagen, where Hans Henrik drove the car to meet us (they wanted to show me how the train worked so I could learn the commute myself).  On the train, Caroline brought her English homework, and she made me read a story out loud on the train that she had to write about for her class.  -Side note here:  We were speaking/reading out loud on the train.  This is not kosher for Danes.  People stared.  A lot.  But one thing I learned about Caroline is she is definitely not shy.  We then walked all around Copenhagen.  It might have been the jetlag, but it felt like we walked for days.  And I marveled at every single building.  It was incredible.  The architecture was so beautiful, I had never seen so many amazing buildings all squished together in a row.  There was so much color, and so many of the streets were cobblestones.  And there was street food and shops and bikes all over.  It was amazing and I was in love with the city from that day on.

And I pretty much loved my host family from that first day, too.  They were so nice and they asked so many questions and were so interested in getting to know me and sharing Danish life with me.  Some of my favorite memories are of dinner conversations about American politics with Hans Henrik, or with early after talks with Brigitte when she was home early from work, or of late night Friends episodes with Caroline.  I made some great American friends while I was in Copenhagen, and we always talk about how much we miss the city, and I do, I miss the city of Copenhagen a lot.  But more than that, I miss my host family that let me into their lives for a brief four months.  It has been a year since I first met them, and I can still see their smiles.  I am so thankful for them and the encouragement and love they brought into my life during those four months.  Without them, I wouldn’t love Copenhagen nearly as much.



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