I can’t find anything to watch on netflix

This is a total and complete exaggeration.  But still.

As Joe is in Roanoke for job training this week, my mom came up for a couple days to help me settle into the apartment.  In those forty-eight hours, we have rearranged just about every piece of furniture, reorganized every possible thing, and somehow messed up the newly installed wi-fi and cable so that we can either watch TV or use the internet, but not both at the same time.  Convenient?  I think not.  My solution to this is to watch netflix while on the internet, only I have watched all the uploaded episodes of Parks and Rec, so what am I supposed to watch?  I am currently settling for No Strings Attached.  Not very amused so far.  Natalie Portman in footie pajamas?

I think we finally have the furniture how I want it to be, it feels nice and cozy.  Not totally homey yet, but it will get there.  I plan on doing a lot of baking in the next couple of days, which I am excited to do since I really didn’t do much in the kitchen this summer.  I am excited to fill up the beautiful cake platter and dome that the lovely Jessie Chipps bought me as a wedding gift.  Speaking of Jessie-kins, I realized today that this coming week will be one year since I arrived in Copenhagen.  Holy cow.  I can’t believe it has been so long.  I really miss living in a city with such rich history, and even though everyone has rave reviews about Charlottesville, I am having a hard time getting really excited about it.  I just don’t really like US history very much.  I prefer the ancient stuff, and I miss walking to class every day on cobblestones that are older than our entire country.

On another nostalgic note, I miss Wofford.  A lot.  Changing my name on UVa records has be harder than changing my name on all other records combined.  To say the registrar is inefficient is an extreme under-exaggeration.  I can’t help but think that if I were still at Wofford, all I would have to do is drop into the registrar’s office, tell them I got married, and everything would be magically changed to my married name and they would send me congratulatory flowers.  Or a t-shirt.  Probably a t-shirt.

But let’s try to be optimistic.  The fall here is going to be gorgeous.  And I will figure out the whole big school thing soon enough.  And I will learn how to stop getting lost since U-turns are illegal just about everywhere within the Virginia state line.  And I am married to a really wonderful man, who I will surprise with a homemade citrus yellow cake on Friday.




One thought on “I can’t find anything to watch on netflix

  1. Well you just need to come visit Copenhagen again. We love it here!! Glad to read your blog to hear you are doing well. I think you need a GPS :)!! Enjoy married life!!

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