Shark Week 2012

My first week in Charlottesville coincides with Shark Week 2012.

Coincidence?  I think not.  It was around this time last year that I uprooted myself and moved to a new city, and I can’t help but compare the experiences.  I loved everything about my semester in Denmark, specifically my host family and host sister Caroline.  It will be hard to beat those first four months in a city like Copenhagen, with such rich history and beautiful streets.  But I am determined to be optimistic about Charlottesville, because I hear it’s pretty great.  So here are five reasons why I will/should love my time here in Cville.

1.  I’m a married lady.  Duh.  Well, not that I’m married, but that I’m married to my sweetheart, a Mr. Joseph Robert Bailey.  And although it will take a while for me to warm up to being called Mrs. Joseph Bailey (I like my first name, people), I love being married to the man.  I think he’s some kind of wonderful.

2.  I get to have a fall.  Do not underestimate this one.  Fall is the best season ever.  And last year I didn’t really get one, the weather in Cope went from nice and mild to cold, foggy, and rainy.  I am so dang excited to see the leaves change!

3.  I get to do chemistry.  This one might be a hit or miss.  Usually my schedule is well balanced between chemistry and art history, both things I love and enjoy.  But an all chemistry schedule might make me a little sad/crazy.  Or it could be really great.  I get to be in a teaching position, which I am really excited about, so I hope this makes up for the lack in liberal arts studies that I have been perfecting the last four years.

4.  I get my very own apartment full of my stuff.  This is also not to be underestimated.  I like having all of my stuff in one place (which is why Joe uses the closet in the guest room and I get both of the master closets 🙂 ).  I loved my Wofford roommates, especially last year when I lived with my two best friends, but I also like having my own space.  I also like Joe and I having our own space.  It’s fun and we are learning a lot about each other.

5.  I don’t know anyone here in Charlottesville.  This is a weird one, but it’s one of the same reasons I loved Copenhagen so much.  I get to meet new people, which I love doing, and I can reinvent myself if I so desire (which I probably won’t, aside from the new bangs).  But I have the option to.  I don’t know if I’m explaining this one right.  It’s more about the opportunity to be a new person in a new place that excites me.  Not that I ever really change, but it’s usually in a new place and around new people that you learn the most about yourself.

Get excited for Charlottesville, I know I am!


One thought on “Shark Week 2012

  1. I’m excited for you and Joe and your new life! Keep your spiritual focus, let Him do the worrying, and your life will be blessed.

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