Welcome to Cville

We finally landed here in Charlottesville on Thursday.

And by we I mean me, Joe’s parents, and his youngest sister.  We packed up the u-haul (perfectly packed to utilize every square inch, thanks to my awesome dad) and drove from Carolina to Virginia.  We unloaded everything in the same day (if you saw how much stuff we had, you would be seriously impressed).   Joe was in Roanoke all last week for training for Wells Fargo, so he joined us late last evening.

In that space of time, we have put together an entire bedroom set of Ikea furniture (which is no small task, let me tell you), we have carried a bajillion boxes, we have done three loads in the dishwasher, and so much more.  Our apartment still looks like a war zone, but we are working on it.  We have more space than we know what to do with, which is great, but the apartment is not without it quirks.  Like the fact that neither bedroom has a ceiling fan or ceiling light fixture (meaning some new lamps in our near future), or that our plates only fit into one cabinet, totally messing up how I was planning on organizing the kitchen.  But these are small things, and ultimately we are so so happy to have our own space (we means Joe and I now).

I would post progress pictures, but 1) I am embarrassed at our mess and 2) that means I would have unpacked the box with all of my computer accessories so I could hook up my camera… yeah right.


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