Packing the night away

I am a morning person, plain and simple.  

I fall asleep around 11pm every night like clockwork.  But if I can break past that 11pm barrier, I do some of my best cleaning/packing/organizing at night.  So here’s hoping that after a couple of late nights I will be entirely packed to move to Charlottesville by Thursday morning.  

After staying with our incredible generous families for the past week and a half, we are ready for our own place.  I feel bad forcing our huge mess of presets onto my mother’s otherwise spotless dining room.  Our families are super patient, and so helpful, which we are very thankful for.  But I like having all of my stuff contained to a single space, which has been my room at Wofford for the past four years.  It’s so strange to think that we won’t be returning as Wofford students in the fall.  It makes me sad that my best friend just moved into a house with some friends and I haven’t been able to see it or help her.  I also makes me sad that I just got bangs and she hasn’t seen them.  These little things seem insignificant by themselves, but all together it means that we are growing up and easing our way into the adult world.  Which is scary, but full of excitement and opportunity.

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks this blog will be full of pictures of an organized apartment, and over the next few months there will be some awesome DIY projects.  We shall see…


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